GNS3 emulated hardware and FAQs

GNS3 | FAQ Q. Will you support Cisco switching? A. Switching is going be supported in GNS3 using L2IOU images, which are special IOS images made to work on PC/Linux. These are more like generic Cisco switches with most of the same features as in real switches. So in the end you can have 90%Continue reading “GNS3 emulated hardware and FAQs”

Getting started with GNS3 (Installation and configuration)

Up & Running With GNS3 1.X How to Setup GNS3 Adding your own PC to GNS3 with MS Loopback MicroNugget: GNS3 and Windows 8 MicroNugget: How to Tune GNS3 to Avoid a 100% CPU Utilization? MicroNugget: Connecting Virtual Box Hosts to GNS3 Networks MicroNugget: Virtual PC Simulators & GNS3 MicroNugget: Using Wireshark with GNS3 MicroNugget:Continue reading “Getting started with GNS3 (Installation and configuration)”

How to convert .img files to .vdi for Virtualbox

To convert an .img file to .vdi in Linux, so that you can directly use it in VirtualBox, open a terminal and paste this: VBoxManage convertdd file.img file.vdi For instance, to convert the recently mentioned ChromeOS Cherry from .img to .vdi: VBoxManage convertdd ChromeOS-Cherry.img ChromeOS-Cherry.vdi To do this is Windows (I haven’t tested it butContinue reading “How to convert .img files to .vdi for Virtualbox”

How to do System Recovery on Lenovo z580

You will need to follow the steps below. 1. Backup all your data in C: drive. 2. Shut down the computer. 3. Remove any external media except the charger. 4. After removing, Press the small button with a ‘up to down’ near the power button. 5. The normal BIOS screen would occur and then theContinue reading “How to do System Recovery on Lenovo z580”

Critical Error Failed to Create the VirtualBox COM object error and resolution

VirtualBox will not start and present a Critical Error dialog box which reads “Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object. The application will now terminate.” If you select Details for additional information, it may offer something similar to this error, if not the same, Callee RC: CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE (0x80080005). Here is a solution that worked inContinue reading “Critical Error Failed to Create the VirtualBox COM object error and resolution”