1.0 How IPsec Site to Site VPN Tunnels Work
1.1 Remembering the 5 Things to Negotiate in IKE Phase 1 (IPsec)
1.2 How to Set Up a Site-to-Site VPN with Check Point Gateways Managed by the same Management Server
1.3 How to set up a Site-to-Site VPN with a 3rd-party remote gateway
1.4 Checkpoint Site to Site VPN (R80)
1.5 Site to Site VPN (R75/R76/R77)
1.6 3rd party VPN/Invalid ID information/No valid SA (Summary subnet sent)
1.7 VPN Debugging Commands CLI

2. Connection to the Security Gateway with WinSCP fails

3. Check Point – How To Collect CPinfo – CLI

4.0 Check Point R77 Features

5.0 Building a Checkpoint Network
5.1 Checkpoint Management Server Installation
5.2 Checkpoint Security Gateway Installation & Adding to Mgmt Server
5.3 Interfaces Configuration and Default Route
5.4 Basic Security Policy and NAT
5.5 Checkpoint Security Policy Rules
5.6 Checkpoint NAT – Part 1
5.7 Checkpoint NAT – Part 2
5.8 Checkpoint Installation/SIC/Basic Setup

6.0 Basics of SmartView Monitor
6.1 Checkpoint Smartview Tracker Logging
7.0 Checkpoint Failover doesn’t work on Azure
8.0 Checkpoint Log Collection (LogRhythm) (OPSEC LEA)
8.1 Syslog Integration with CheckPoint
9.0 Port Scan Best Practices Checkpoint
9.1 Port Scan and DDoS Best Practices Checkpoint

10.0 Power Shell Script to create objects from list of IPs (Dbedit)
10.1 Using a dbedit script to create new network objects and network object groups
10.2 Checkpoint Firewall CLI tool “dbedit” and quick lab examples
11.0 Capture and Monitor traffic Checkpoint (CLI/Commands)
12.0 Adding/Renewing a new 3rd party VPN Certificate Checkpoint – Step 1
12.1 Adding/Renewing a new 3rd party VPN Certificate Checkpoint – Step 2

13.0 How do Domain Objects work?
13.1 Domain Objects in R80.10 and above
14.0 New R80.20 Commands


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