CCNA/CCNP Security

0.0 Upload ASA software image without ASDM (CLI)(Using SCP)
1.0 Creating objects on ASA from a file of IPs and Putting then in an object group (CLI)
2.0 Packet Capture ASA (ASDM/CLI)
2.1 ASA Packet capture (ASDM)
3.0 ASA and ASDM Upgrade (ASDM)
3.1 ASA and ASDM Compatibility Matrix
4.0 Syslog (Cisco ASA)
4.1 ASA syslog configuration (ASDM/CLI)
5.0 ASA not allowing ping to distant or far interface IPs
6.0 SNMPv3 Configuration on ASA (ASDM)
7.0 Cisco ASA – Permitting traffic between two interfaces with the same security lev
7.1 Traffic between ASA interfaces of same security level
8.0 ISE Online Demo
9.0 Check Cisco Warranty and SMARTnet Coverage
10.0 Dynamic MultiPoint VPNs (DMVPN) (Naked, Protected and Tshoot)
11.0 Static and Dynamic VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface)
12.0 FlexVPNs
13.0 GETVPN (Group Encrypted VPN)
14.0 Site to Site VPN between ASA and IOS (IKEv1 and IKEv2)
14.2 ISAKMP (IKE Phase 1) Status Messages MM_WAIT_MSG#
15.0 RA VPN Profiles and Policies Flow (Pre and Post Login)
15.1 Clientless SSL VPN Wizard
15.2 Anyconnect VPN Wizard
15.3 VPN Profiles and Policies
15.4 Clientless SSL VPN
15.5 Anyconnect SSL VPN
15.6 Smart Tunnels and Plugins for Clientless VPN
15.7 AAA and VPNs
15.8 Troubleshooting Clientless SSL VPN
15.9 AnyConnect VPN Client U-turning Config Examples (Anyconnect TunnelAll and Internet Routing)
15.10 AnyConnect Error – ‘Failed To Get Configuration From Secure Gateway’
16.0 Allowing only domain joined machines (Anyconnect) (Cisco Secure Desktop: Host Scan Module)
17.0 Cisco ASA and Firepower Threat Defense Reimage Guide


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