Useful Tools

1. Subnet Calculator
2.0 IP Void Lookup Tools
2.1 Numerous Tools (whois, ping, tracert, nslookup, port check etc)

Email Address Validation

2.1 DNS Propagation Checker (CNAME)
2.2 AdminKit
3. Time Calculator
4. Cisco Coverage Checker
4.1 Cisco Vulnerability IOS and IOS XE checker

4.2 Cisco Optics-to-Device Compatibility Matrix
5. UDP Port Scan
6. Check Blacklisted IPs
7. Check MAC Address Vendor
8. Speed Test Site
9.0 Palo Alto URL Category verification tool
10. Bright Cloud (Cisco URL Category Verification tool)
11.0 Online Curl Test (Banner grab)
12.0 Virus Total (Analyze suspicious files and URLs for Malware)
12.1 Malware/Virus Has checker
13.0 HashCalc (Hash Calculator)
14.0 BinText (Find plain ASCII text, Unicode (double byte ANSI) text and Resource strings from any file)
15.0 RegShost (Track and take snapshot of windows registry)
16.0 PE View (Displays header, import table, export table, and resource information within EXE and DLL)
17.0 Download Time Calculator
19.0 Diagramming Online Tool


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