Palo Study Notes (Private)

1. How to Import and Export Address and Address Objects (CLI) (Creating objects from a file of IPs)
2. How to Create an IPSec Tunnel to AWS (Amazon Web Services) From a Palo Alto Firewall with Static Routing
3. Revert Firewall Configuration Changes (Revert to the current running configuration)
4. Best Practices for PAN-OS Upgrade (Palo Alto Upgrade)
4.1 Upgrade Palo Firewalls (CLI)
5. How to Unblock Addresses after Block-IP Action is Triggered by Threat Protection
6.0 What is IPSec?
6.1 Palo Alto (8.0) Site to Site VPNs
6.2 IPSec VPN Setup (Site to Site VPN Config)
6.3 IPSec Site to Site tunnel: Palo Alto to Cisco
7.0 Example NAT Rules (Important)
7.1 Tutorial: How to Configure Source NAT on the PAN-OS GUI
7.2 Tutorial: Network Address Translation
7.3 Tutorial: Understanding the NAT/Security Policy Configuration
7.4 How to Configure U-Turn NAT
7.5 Configure Destination NAT Using Dynamic IP Addresses
8.0 Palo Alto Commands (Important)
8.1 Useful Troubleshooting Commands
9.0 SSL Outbound Decryption
9.1 How to Implement and Test SSL Decryption (Inbound and Outbound)
10.0 GlobalProtect Logs from the Client
10.1 How to Configure GlobalProtect Portal Page to be Accessed on any Port
11.0 Brute Force Related Signatures
11.1 Best Practice for FTP Brute Force
12.0 End-of-Life Summary
13.0 How to Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) & Import the Signed Certificate
14.0 TSHOOT USER-ID: Useful CLI Commands to Troubleshoot LDAP Connection
14.1 USER-ID TSHOOT: Agentless User-ID Connection to Active Directory Servers Intermittently Connect and Disconnect
15.0 Viewing the configuration in set and XML format
16.0 How to View and Install PAN-OS Software through the CLI
17.0 Configuring IKEv2 IPsec VPN for Microsoft Azure Environment
18.0 What Happens When Licenses Expire on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall?
19.0 Deploy Palo Alto in Azure


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