CREST Exams (CPSA(CREST Practitioner Security Analyst)/CPIA(CREST Practitioner Incident Analyst))

0.0 Why Conduct a Pen Test?
1.0 Pen Testing Explained and Life Cycle
2.0 CPSA Syllabus
3.0 CPIA Syllabus
5.0 Practical Malware Analysis Book (Videos)
5.1 CPIA (Crest Practitioner Intrusion Analyst) Notes (Private)
5.2 Processor Registers (Video)
6.0 Ethical Hacking and Network Defense Book (Videos)
7.0 Advanced Ethical Hacking Book (Videos)
8.0 DNS Security Book (Videos)
9.0 Incident Response Book (Videos)
10.0 SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response (Playlists)
11.0 Open Security Training (Playlists)
12.0 Why Base64 is dangerous?
16.0 Exfiltration Techniques

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