Smoothwall IPSec (Openswan) VPN to Microsoft Azure (Site-to-Site VPN)

Smoothwall can only be set to use Diffie Hellman group 5 in Phase 1 when initiating the VPN, however when offered by the other device the smoothwall can downgrade to DH2.

All the other encryption settings can be done on the smoothwall. So when setting up the connection on the smoothwall’s end, it would look something like this:

Authenticate by: preshared key
Use comrpession – off
Initiate the connection – off
Perfect forward secrecy – off
Authentication type: ESP
Phase 1 cryptograhic algo: AES256
Phase 1 hash algo: SHA
Phase 2 cryptograhic algo: AES256
Phase 2 hash algo: SHA

Key life: 480 mins
IKE lifetime: 60 mins

These settings would need to be set the same on the Azure gateway, and it would need to be set up as the initiator


2 thoughts on “Smoothwall IPSec (Openswan) VPN to Microsoft Azure (Site-to-Site VPN)

  1. Hi, I can’t seem to get Smoothwall to connect to a Azure Dynamic gateway. Is this possible, so I can do multi-site VPN connections?

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