Smoothwall (URLs/Tshoot tools,logs and reports/Updates and Licenses/Backups and Archives/Policies and Policy objects)

:::::Important IPs, URLs and ports:::::
1. http://guardian:81 – web management interface
2. https://guardian:441 – web management interface
4. -SSL login page
5. -default IP and port for web interface after install
6. -default IP and port for web interface after install
7. – training videos (
8. (google company emails)
9. (putty SSH terminal software)
10. (to download teamviewer on client’s PC for remote session)
11. – to download the smoothwall software by entering the license
12. – salesforce CRM login (queues for all the cases -Triage queue and -support queue)
13. – test environment on firefox as a non-trans proxy
14. (online subnet calculator)
15. (calculator)
16. (IPS policies)
17. (to update IPS signatures)
18. (WinSCP tool for transfering files to and from smoothwall)

::::Troubleshooting tools, logs and reports::::
1. Dashboard
2.logs and reports->reports->summary (collection of reports)
3.system->diagnostics->configuration tests (Sanity check)
4.logs and reports->real time->system (real time system logs)
5.logs and reports->real time->web filter (real time web filter logs)
6.logs and reports->real time->firewall (real time firewall logs)
7.logs and reports->real time->traffic graphs (real time interfaces traffic)
8.system->diagnostics->traffic analysis (TCPDump)
9.system->diagnosics->IP tools (ping/traceroute)
10.system->diagnostics->diagnostics (diagnostics file)>quick links->policy tester (policy tester)
12.system->diagnostics->whois (whois)>policy objects->user defined (search tool to determine th category group)

::::updates and licenses:::::

4.About link at the footer of every web interface page.

::::System backups and archives:::::

::::Different types of Policies set on smoothwall::::
1.Web filter policies.
2.HTTPS inspecion policies.
3.Content modification policies.
4.Anti-malware policies.
5.Block page polices.
6.Web proxy authentication policies.
7.Upstream proxy policies.
8.Message censor policies.
9.Networking outgoing policies.
10.Bandwidth limiting policies.
11.Central management policies.
12.IDS policies.
13.IPS policies.
14.External access Admin rules.
15.Ports and Port Group rules.

::::Policy Objects::::
1. (who) Users (i.e. user groups) (retrived from active directory connections)
2. (what) category groups (pre-defined/built-in) or user-defined categories (custom category) or swurl
3. (when) time-slots
4. (where) locations
5. (action) Allow, block, Quotas etc.



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