Smoothwall (Types of Engines/IP Address format)(New Guardian3 Module)(Updates)

::::Different types of Engines used by the Smoothwall system::::
1. Two web filter engines:
1.Guardian3               2.Web proxy
2.Anti-malware – VIPRE
3.Anti-spam – MailShell

:::::IP address format on smoothwall::::::
single IP:
subnet: (CIDR) or


(latest update to date is update 68 on smoothwall systems)
1.System » Maintenance » Updates
(summaries of new features, security features and bug fixes)
(each update will also have a reference bug number that has been addresses in the update)
(press download button to retrieve them and then install button to install them)
(after installing update, a reboot will be required)
2. System » Maintenance » Scheduler->Dowload updates management->Download updates(enable)
(update check is done on weekly basis and new alert trigger can be setup, when new updates are available)
(after installing update, a reboot will be required)



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