Difference between VTP Versions…

Difference between VTP versions

VTP version 1:

  • Supports normal VLAN numbers (1-1001)
  • Supports pruning of unused VLANs (no longer sends broadcasts and unknown unicasts
  • supports cleartext and MD5 digest password

VTP version 2:

  • Forwards the VTP messages without checking the version number or domain in transparent mode
  • Supports Token Ring
  • Performs consistency check on the VTP / VLAN parameters (from CLI or SNMP)
  • Pass on Unrecognised TLVs

VTP version 3:

  • Supports extended VLAN numbers (1-4095)
  • Transfer information regarding Private VLAN structure
  • Support for databases other than VLAN (for example MST)
  • Protection from unintended database overrides during insertion of new switches
  • Hidden password protection



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